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Whale Shark



The Caribbean Sea is the perfect place for its clarity since thanks to its visibility it allows us to fully observe the whale shark with dimensions in some cases of up to 40 feet - 12 meters long, from the boat we can still observe its white spots and wide mouths which they use to swallow large amounts of water.


The whale shark is an animal by nature docile and very calm, there is no danger of swimming with them, since in reality we go unnoticed by it because we are simply not part of its menu since it feeds on the plankton it finds in the surface is for this simple reason that you do not have to dive to see it. It is highly recommended for underwater photographers and videographers. It is also suitable for the whole family since it is not necessary to dive, just snorkel.


Our boats depart daily from Cancun to the area between Isla Mujeres and Isla Holbox, where the whale sharks are found. Our bilingual guides will make this tour the best experience of your vacation!


Schedule 7:00 am

The sailfish is one of the fastest in the ocean, so this activity is full of adrenaline and energy. The observation area where the activity begins can be quickly identified by a dense congregation of frigatebirds that fly close to the water, looking to eat the sardines that are pushed against the surface by groups of sailfish.


 Once in the water, you can appreciate its incredible hunting tactic, the sailfish dance, changing color and raising its fin to attack the sardines, quickly hitting them with their beaks and then swallowing them. These magnificent fish are active on the hunt from dawn to dusk and our guests are welcome to enjoy this spectacle until they are completely satisfied. This trip is highly recommended for underwater photographers and videographers, as well as open-ocean adventurers.


Restrictions: Children must be at least 7 years old. Not recommended for people who get seasick easily Schedule: Pick-up 5:50 a.m.

Common Questions

What is included?
Round trip ground transportation from our dive shop to the marina where the boat departs. Snorkeling equipment (mask, fins, life jacket, snorkel tube). fruit, soft drinks, water, juice, ceviche

What is not included?

  • Neoprene suit (you can rent it with us)

  • Photos and videos (You can rent a GoPro with us)

How much does it cost and how do I book?
Contact us via
Whats App at +52 984 205 9305 or Facebook Messenger for pricing and booking confirmation.

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