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Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to breathe underwater? Interact with marine life? Feel the sensation of weightlessness?

Scuba Diving makes it all possible!

Ronnie's Dive Zone is a full-service dive shop located in Playa del Carmen, Mexico with amazing access to Cenotes, caves, and the Caribbean Sea.


New to scuba diving? No problem! You have several options to start your scuba journey:


For more advanced scuba divers, you can receive your:

You can also upgrade to:

Recreational Scuba Diving is broadly governed by two main organizations, PADI and SSI, who regulate course structure and safety. Ronnie's Dive Zone is a member of both PADI and SSI (as well as a TDI, the largest scuba diving technical certification agency in the world) and can therefore answer all of your dive questions and satisfy all of your scuba needs!

Ronnie's Dive Zone was founded in 2007 by Ronnie Vargas, a Master Instructor and Full Cave certified professional with 30 years of scuba diving experience, more than 5,000 logged dives, and 8,000 students. Ronnie's Dive Zone offers various courses from beginner to professional levels with the most recognized associations worldwide, including SSI, PADI, and TDI. 



Born with the Caribbean Sea in his blood. Learn more about Ronnie here.

Master Instructor & Full Cave Certified

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Website and admin helper. Find her over at Buckley Collaborative.

Advanced Open Water Certified

Camilo cave


This Colombian native loves exploring cave systems in the Yucatan.

Dive Instructor & Full Cave Certified



RDZ helper and roller blader extraordinairre who tags along RDZ dives.

Eagerly awaiting OW Certification


This Portuguese native loves all things diving!

Dive Master + Asst Instructor in training

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