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Diving in a Cenote is a must-do for any diver visiting the Riviera Maya. A Cenote is a natural pit resulting from the collapse of limestone bedrock that exposes groundwater. The regional term is specifically associated with the Yucatán Peninsula of Mexico, where Cenotes were commonly used for water supplies by the ancient Maya, and occasionally for sacrificial offerings. Cenotes are connected to an underground river system stretching miles.

Your Cenote scuba diving tour includes two dives: it's your choice if you want the two dives to be at one Cenote or two different Cenotes. Because Cenotes are part of a large underground river system, it’s possible to complete 2 different, beautiful dives at one Cenote. Cenotes are privately owned and each Cenote park has an entrance fee that is paid directly to the owners. Entrance fees are listed below each Cenote.

See our tour packages below. We are happy to create bespoke tours for you, as well.

2 Dives in 1 Cenote: $150USD+ Cenote Entrance Fee
cenote chac mool solo.JPG

Chac Mool

Little Brother + Kukulkan

Entrance Fee: 250MXN Pesos

Cenote Chikin ha

Chikin Ha

2 Dive Lines

Entrance Fee: 300MXN Pesos

dos ojos cenote

Dos Ojos

Barbie Line + Bat Cave

Entrance Fee: 400MXN Pesos


Dream Gate 

Upstream + Downstream


Entrance Fee: 400MXN Pesos

2 Dives 1 Cenote
2 Dives in 2 Cenotes$165US+ Cenote Entrance Fee

North Cenotes: Choose 2 of the following 4 Cenotes for $165USD

zapote hells bells.jpeg

Zapote/Hells Bells

Entrance Fee: 350MXN Pesos

cenote maravilla


Entrance Fee: 350MXN Pesos

Cenote Kin ha


Entrance Fee: 200MXN Pesos

2 Dives 2 Cenotes

South Cenotes: Choose 2 of the following 4 Cenotes for $165USD

Ronnie el Pit.jpeg

El Pit

Entrance Fee: 500MXN Pesos*

*Combo Pit + Dos Ojos is 700 MXN Pesos

Dos Ojos diving cenote

Dos Ojos

Entrance Fee: 400MXN Pesos*

*Combo Pit + Dos Ojos is 700 MXN Pesos

cenote nicte ha.jpg


Entrance Fee: 380MXN Pesos*

*Combo Pit + Nicte Ha is 700 MXN Pesos

Cenote Taak bi Ha.jpeg

Taak Bi Ha

Entrance Fee: 350MXN Pesos

Far South Cenotes: Chose 2 of the following 4 Cenotes for $165USD



Entrance Fee: 350MXN Pesos

Carwash with cloud.jpeg


Entrance Fee: 300MXN Pesos

casa cenote

Casa Cenote

Entrance Fee: 200MXN Pesos


Dream Gate

Entrance Fee: 400MXN Pesos



Dive tour pricing

Our tour prices are listed aboveEach tour includes two tanks, diver's flashlight, lunch, transportation to/from Playa del Carmen Center or Ferry, refreshments, personalized service (max 4 people per guide), specialized instructor. Cenote entrance fee and equipment rentals are an additional fee. More questions? Contact us via Whats App at +52 984 205 9305 or Facebook Messenger.

Bespoke Dive Tours

We are happy to design bespoke Cenote tour packages for you for an additional fee. It is an additional $50USD per person if you want to go to a third Cenote in a single day. There is also an additional fee for nitrox tanks.

Cenote Entrance Fees

Cenotes are privately owned. Cenote owners set the entrance fee price and the fee is paid directly to the Cenote. Most cenotes only accept cash in Mexican Pesos. The entrance price is listed underneath the Cenote above.


Camera Fees

Some Cenote parks charge a fee to bring photo or video equipment. This fee is paid directly to the Cenote.

  • Casa Cenote: Go Pro 100 MXN/ Camera 500 MXN

  • Dos Ojos: Camera 300 MXN

  • Dream gate 400 MXN

  • Maravilla: Camera 350 MXN

  • Nicte Ha: Camera 300 MXN

  • The Pit, Dos Ojos, and Nicte Ha: Camera 300 MXN

  • Zapote: Camera 350 – 1000 MXN depending on the model


Dive Equipment Rental

All dive equipment rentals are required to be returned in the same condition provided. There is an additional fee if equipment is returned in worse condition. 

Standard Equipment Rental package is $20USD, or $5USD per piece:

  • 3mm wetsuit 

  • BCD

  • Regulador 

  • Traditional Fins (for use without booties)

  • Mask 

Special Equipment Rentals, per piece:

  • GoPro 11, including a link shared with you following your dive with all photos and videos ($30USD)

  • 5mm or more wetsuit ($10USD)

  • Booties ($10USD)

  • Computer ($10USD)

  • Hood ($10USD)

  • Fins to use with booties ($10USD)

  • Compensated regulator  ($10USD)

  • Sidemount Harness 

  • Backmount System

  • Primary Light

  • Backup Light

  • Nitrox Tanks and GasT


Where are the Cenotes?

Cenotes are across the Yucatan Peninsula. Typically, we dive in Cenotes along Route 307 between Playa del Carmen and just south and west of Tulum, or along the Ruta de Cenotes west of Puerto Morelos.


We divide Cenotes into three categories: North, South, and Far South. See the interactive map for all Cenote locations.

Do I need to be certified?

Yes! You must be certified to dive in Cenotes. The only exception is Casa Cenote, which is a great place for beginners or snorkelers

How do I confirm pricing and booking?

Contact us via Whats App at +52 984 205 9305 or Facebook Messenger.

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