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Do you have lots of plans to carry out in your short vacation but also want to get certified? Your best option is to get certified as a Scuba Diver. This is a course where you will receive the necessary training and experience to dive in open water supervised by a diving professional. After receiving your Scuba Diver certification you will be able to upgrade to Open Water Diver with extra training.


  • Minimum age: 10

  • Certification Requirements: None

  • Number of academic sessions: Online program

  • Number of sessions in Confined Water: 3

  • Number of Open Water dives: 2

  • Maximum depth for training: 12 meters

  • Recommended duration of the Training Program: 10-16 hours (or about 2 days)

What is included?

  • All scuba equipment, including: wetsuit, fins, goggles, BCD, regulator, tanks, weights

  • Water and snacks

Do I need to bring anything?

  • A towel

  • Reef-protective sunscreen

  • Tips for the Captain and First Mate (if boat diving is applicable)

How much does it cost and how do I book?

  • Contact us at Ronnie's Dive to specific price information and for booking!

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